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I have been actively involved in facilitating professional development workshops for school teachers, and conference or retreat sessions for community organizations. I continually seek collaborations with area galleries and museums by leading tours, presenting workshops, and attending events--often including my former art education students. 


Through my involvement in the public school field experiences of my former art education majors and through my memberships in professional organizations, I am frequently asked to serve as a juror for various local and state art competitions. I have regularly overseen booths with my former art education students at events such as ArtsFest and KidsFest in Conway, AR. As with my scholarship activities, I actively recruited my art education students to serve along with me.


I am interested in hearing about community or educational events or projects that correlate with

 my scholarship, artmaking, and/or my book, Jake the Deer-Hearted, for partnering or outreach.

I am also honored to volunteer my services by presenting and teaching for Christian, community. and school events or activities where my knowledge, skills, and experiences may benefit others. 





(Arkansas Department of Education Approved)
2019  Russellville School District, Art Teachers
"Add more Fiber to your Curriculum" 
2018   UCA Outreach and Community Engagement
“Reflecting Together on Curriculum, Student Engagement, and Resiliency”
2016  UCA Artists-in-Residents Grant and Little Rock School District Art Teachers
"Finding Shelter Exhibition Curriculum Connections"
(with A. Coddington and Jo Stealey)


2012  UCA Outreach and Community Engagement

“Novice Art Teacher Workshop” (two days) (with J. Young)


“Drawing and Assemblage” (two days)


2011  Northcentral Arkansas Education Service Cooperative, Melbourne 

 “Art Object Lesson”  (three days)


2011  UCA Outreach and Community Engagement

“3-D Printmaking”  (two-days)


2010  Northcentral Arkansas Education Service Cooperative, Melbourne     

“Habits of Mind to Draw From” (two days) 


2010  UCA Outreach and Community Engagement

“3-D Artmaking” (two-days)


“Drawing Workshop” 


2010  UCA Baum Gallery/ArtClicks

“Themes of Identity”  (with B. Satterfield)


2009  Northcentral Arkansas Education Service Cooperative, Melbourne       

“Re-Thinking the Art Curriculum and Planning for the Future” (three days) (with Sandi Palmer)


2009  UCA Outreach and Community Engagement  

“Drawing Workshop”


2008  Northcentral Arkansas Education Service Cooperative, Melbourne          

“Meaningful Art Curriculum from Start to Finish” (three days)


2007  Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock

“Classroom connections with Jim Henson’s Fantastic World Exhibition”


2007  UCA Art Ed   

“Building bridges toward mastery: A support, training, and planning program specifically designed for pre-service and novice art teachers” (three days) (with J. Young)


2007  Northcentral Arkansas Education Service Cooperative, Melbourne

          DeQueen/Mena Arkansas Education Service Cooperative, Gillham

“Art for Meaningful Interdisciplinary Connections” 


2006  Northcentral Arkansas Education Service Cooperative, Melbourne

           Western Arkansas Education Service Cooperative, Branch

“Making Art Meaningful; Using Art to Enhance Language Skills;

“Using Art to Teach Diverse Learners”

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