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I want to encourage you to make the most of your interactions with your students. Here are some bullet-points from past discussions in my art curriculum classes of possible questions and strategies to use with students under each of the studio habits of mind identified in Studio Thinking 2: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education by L. Hetland, et al. (2013).

Engage and Persist

  • Focus to complete

  • Do you think you want to get rid of all this work to start over?

  • Could you complete by deadline?

  • What changes could you do?

  • What would make you happy with your work?

  • What interests you? How could you incorporate it?

  • What is the outcome you want?

  • Would you like for me to help you more outside of class?

  • Do you need more time?

Stretch and Explore

  • Open to play with materials and ideas

  • Have you tried… (e.g. another tool, another method of application)?

  • How could you push that further? List areas for them…

  • What if… listing options…

  • Provide demonstrating of choices and options/media blitzes

  • Giving time for students to experiment and play


  • Art of looking intentionally and reflectively when drawing, looking at others’ art, past art

  • What do you notice about… list

  • What do you notice has changed in your artwork?

  • What do you like and dislike…

  • If could remake?

  • How did ___ change your artwork?

  • Model describing…


  • Conveying feelings and concepts through art

  • What do you want to express? Give list

  • What colors would best express… give a list. How can your express…?

  • Why do you want to express this?

Develop Craft

  • Technique and studio practice

  • What materials would you use?

  • Practice pages, develop technique

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