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For Jake's Sake

I wrote my “Loose-Ends” post on February 26, 2021 as I began re-working my illustrations for my story about Jake. And 2022 has come and gone with not one posting! Now over two years later, what an unpredicted adventure this little picture book has taken me on! From whacking away more than 2,000 of my original 3,000 words story, to endless hours of piecing and embroidering my 18 textile illustrations! I had many wonderful people giving me encouragement, constructive criticism and opinions, editing and publishing advice, and just asking questions that forced me to define my purpose and goals. Whew! So many ups and downs and encouragements and frustrations! So much patience and impatience! Looking back over those two years and all the energy I put into this short, simple book feels a bit silly. Definitely not like I have something of monumental significance to showcase! My pride has not been fed!

BUT, wait a minute… who defines “significance”? And what does that really look like? Will it only be if my book reaches thousands of young readers with thousands of dollars in royalties? Or if it receives awards and recognition for years to come?

What if I just accomplished an endearing story, written about my Jake and published by Kharis? What if my textile illustrations offer cozy, quiet times for my readers or my story warms their hearts with thankfulness of the caring people in their lives? I’ll let that part of this unpredicted adventure run its own course! And I’ll be here gratefully standing by!


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