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I recently watched Eric Metaxas interview Virginia Prodan and then purchased the audio of her book, Saving my Assassin. Virginia grew up in Romania during the communist rule of Nicolae Ceausescu (1965-1989). This memoir is a very honest and personal account her of life under this ruthless, political dictator and regime. I had many personal reflections and applications as I listened to her story, but one that continues to resonate in my heart is the contrast between my all-powerful Creator God and this human tyrant. Virginia recalls as an elementary student, all children were required to wait in a long line and accept with praise a “Christmas gift” from Ceausescu (that in reality was rubbish that parents were required to pay for) and then the next day in school every child had to stand up and tell everyone what a “wonderful” gift they received and then write a thank you note of praise. Ceausescu required obedience in thought, word and action. He demanded unquestioned adoration and worship.

In contrast, God created man and woman in His image. He blessed them and gave them rule over the whole earth, with only one restriction. Adam and Eve both disobeyed with deep consequences. However, God responded by searching for them, “Where are you?” And He made garments for them and clothed them (Genesis1-3). This same Creator God became flesh and lived among us. Jesus Christ came with grace and truth (John 1). Our Sovereign God is not a tyrant. He does not demand our devotion. He created us to be in fellowship with Him and desires an affectionate relationship with us. He is still calling us to come to Him today. (see Matthew 11:28-30)

I have wondered why God allows so much evil and hardship in this fallen world. The greater wonderment is why God offers such love, forgiveness, and hope. (see John 3:16)


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