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My Art Teacher

I can’t even begin to express how creating my art by weaving and piecing or collaging not only fits my skills set, but how my mind and heart operate. I don’t think I have ever done anything in-a-straight-line! My train of thoughts, my to-do lists, my conversations… there’s a connection, trust me, but it won’t be straight-forward! So, as I have experienced my family roles, career positions, relationships, faith walk, and life in general I am continually amazed at how they unexpectedly intertwine and overlap, supporting and enhancing one another. This is a recent encounter.

I thought I had completed all of my “Say What?” series as my grandkids headed into their teens. Then one day as I used a quote from my daughter’s childhood in a conversation with my husband, I realized I must include a work in her honor too. The quote is: “I know, but are they ready yet?” I completed the artwork in early 2019 and entered it in a couple of call for entries, receiving one feedback with the rejections. Then just a few months ago, as I looked again at this work, it was asking me “Am I ready yet?” Ha! Well! I guess not! I made some important changes and additions. And only now will I tentatively answer the ready yet question with a “yes.”

Art is a great teacher.


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